Rustic Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center in place.Our lives can sometime seem to revolve around the television as we grow up, from when we are kids watching Sesame Street, the family movie nights, playing the latest video games, or finally getting the kids to bed so you can watch that movie you and your spouse have been waiting to watch on Netflix (if you can stay awake that is). There's no doubt we spend quite  a bit of our time in and around the living room relaxing, so why wouldn't you want to adorn it with furniture that you would really love to be able to use on a daily basis? 

  This entertainment center was designed by Bob Claggett from a range of many popular current designs, with slight modifications. The Double-Z barn doors on the front of the console were a stark change from the more modern look of Claggett's design. Additionally the console sits on four adjustable leveling feet to completely avoid the possibility of a cabinet that would rock too much, which was not included in the original design. 

  The Interior of the cabinet was painted with a modern light grey color as per the clients request to match a color in the adjoining room. It was prepared with a dense wood primer paint with a final coat of a sturdy enamel paint to protect the color from scratching with regular use. 

Rough Cedar planks were requested for their natural color and look for the exterior of the cabinet as well as the doors. The cedar was finished with a single hefty coat of boiled linseed oil for protection against the sun which will becoming in from the south bay of windows from the clients home. Boiled linseed oil will not yellow overtime as un-boiled linseed oil will with UV Light, this was an intentional decision due to the location of the windows in proximity to the console. 

 The side table that the top of the media console matches.The smooth pine top was made from four select prime two by sixes that were planned down and joined with biscuits, then meticulously sanded smooth. The ends were joined with solid white oak runner strips to help with the expansion and contraction of the wood near the ends of the top. The top of the console was then finished with a specialty mixture of Black Tea, White Vinegar, & Steel Wool to give the new and sturdy boards the look of a long weathered timber. The end result of the top matched the two side tables built for the client and brought the set together with the dark grey top.

The intrusive door stop. The sliding barn door hardware was luckily a convenient kit, mostly. We were able to locate a kit sold by a hardware distributor that matched almost everything we needed except the overall bar length was short by about a foot. We were able to replicate the bar, and extend the length to the full 85" that the cabinet is. The stops were also a custom change as the client had several grand children running about we opted for a much less intrusive element that was placed on the rear of the bar to impede the wheel of the door. This worked much better than expected in practice, despite our efforts to get the door to come off the rail, it would not, I do owe my Dad for this simple, yet effective design element.  


This is the largest piece the Cryptic Works shop has produced to date. It is a massive seven feet long, forty one inches tall and approximately twenty one inches of depth, plus the doors and hardware. It is not a light piece, but it also is not one that will move often. Everyone here at Cryptic Works was so excited to deliver this extraordinary piece to it's new home, and get the chance to work with an absolutely wonderful photographer (Erin Weaver) at Desired Photography. We hope that it brings years of enjoyment to everyone who gets to admire, move and use it. 

Making the unknown a reality one client at a time!