Weathered End Tables

Order up! Two end tables big enough for dinner, beer(s), that big lamp, the remote, the iPad, the phone, the other remote, and the pencil you always drop that also goes with the crossword puzzle book you keep on the table too. There's no doubt when company isn't over we find ourselves gravitating towards the comfy couch to relax when we get home, and rarely enough real estate next to you to be able to fit all random things we seem to want with us when we've got our feet up.

These end t̶a̶b̶l̶e̶s̶ continents measure a beefy twenty eight inches square. Now compare that to any standard side table, for the same amount of room your side table will need its own side table. These were built for capacity, and the client was super happy with the size, and the smooth pine top which is impossible to not run your hand across when there's nothing on it. 

Designed by Ana White these tables are her classic X End Table design with a slight alteration to the size and shape of the top. While the design calls for just a radius on the corner with several knees to save and wrestling grand kids to protect the client opted to 'clip' the corners of this table with a one inch chamfer. The X End Table is relatively simple underneath, instead of doing butt joints at the cross section of the X we opted for a more traditional half lap joint which will create more actual strength and not just be a decorative cross piece. The underside also has a simple shelf for storage as is, or the addition of a crate for a simplistic farmhouse drawer. 

That satin sheen.The tops are laminated pine, which were then filled with epoxy where necessary, then flattened to an extra smooth finish. The edges were all broken over with a quarter inch round-over bit to give the edges a pleasing curve. The overall piece was then stained with a rapid weathering technique using Black Tea, White Vinegar and Steel Wool, then sanded to desired color. The final step was two coats of furniture wax to the underside, and approximately 4 coats of furniture wax to the top. The wax provides a seal that will help protect the wood against moisture for a time. Over time the was will need to be replenished but give the wood a very smooth texture and desirable satin sheen.

These Weathered End Tables were an educational and delightful build. I did genuinely enjoy getting to work with the design, and especially finding the perfect color for the stain. Weathered staining was a new area for me, and I think the results were absolutely fantastic, and exactly what my client was looking for. I hope to be able to do more like these, and with this staining technique. Checkout my post on the Rustic Entertainment Center to see the rest of the set!

Making the unknown a reality one client a time!

Photo Credit: Erin @ Desired Photo