I'm Jake Pryor from Cryptic Works, and I would first like to sincerely thank you for coming to check out my site.
Cryptic Works started as an accident really, I grew up always really enjoying shadowing my Dad in the shop while he made stuff around the house. The years went by and the home projects never stopped; A 40'x16' Lean-To Cover, Engine Swaps, Wood Flooring. Eventually finding the term Maker really seemed to fit the variety of things that came through the shop. One year for Father's day, my wife Savannah and I attempted to find the perfect gifts for the guy's who had everything they wanted and then some. After a late night Pinterest session and some scrap pile rummaging we found just the right material to make her Father a Jumbo Yardzee set, and mine a Jumbo Tumble Tower. The guy's loved their oversized gifts!
After a few inquiries about the jumbo games, and some sage advice from Savannah, Cryptic Works was born. I genuinely enjoy being out in the shop and being able to bring others vision to life. I've had more than a decade of drafting & design work experience to be able to visualize and draw up the most uniquely desired pieces. Coupled with workflow and manufacturing experience history helps me work through the build process for each unique piece easier.
Cryptic Works Quality has been passed down through generations of incessantly picky perfectionists.


Jake Pryor


Thank You